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Skincare when Camping ( Low-Maintenance and Quality Results)

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Some fun hacks, and you’re there. But is that quick skincare all worth it? Anyway, we know that you just want to have a great time camping, especially at these times. However, some precautions must be noted well to keep your skin safe and protected. Camper’s guide to hassle-less skin care depends on the product itself and the rightful knowledge of application and frequency.

Matykos Beauty ensures a gentle yet effective product, cruelty-free ingredients, and a top skincare line without harsh chemicals and no adverse effects.

Here are the tops skincare recommendations during camping :

  1. Handy pouch or kit for your skincare items- This is to ensure safe and easy storage. Remember, you are supposed to enjoy your camping and not be busy finding where your skincare products are.

  2. Small containers ( refillable) - This is to save space in your camping bag and to avoid heavy loads. You can prepare these days before and check if it has proper caps and seals.

  3. Baby wipes - This is in the case when the water gets stinky or your daily wash sticks to your face due to bad water quality. Nonetheless, you can prepare bottled drinking water intended for your face only.

  4. Apply an antibacterial toner - Mostly, camping days are humid. When you tone, it helps tighten up your pores to avoid a breakout the next day.

  5. Liquid-base Moisturizer- This is to prevent sticky feeling but leave your skin well-hydrated such as bubble masks. It only needs less than 5 minutes of your time to freshen up.

  6. Cool Pads - Let’s face it, you’ll be sleep-deprived when camping. To support your skin health, don’t forget to apply 24k gold under eye and forehead patches. You just put them and voila, instant camp-spa!

It’s the little things that do matter. Enjoy camping without suffering skin problems afterward. Don’t forget to gather those tiny preps and you’re good to go!

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