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As they say, achieving a perfect skincare routine is so much easier when you are a home buddy. Busy people tend to neglect the importance of having the right routine because of the workload and mostly, no time to do it at all. This kind of situation is even worse for people who work in the field or when you travel for a living. Our skin simply deserves all the best and we’ll give you the right product choice to keep you going but never let your skin be taken for granted.

Unprotected skin doesn’t only cause embarrassment but may lead to serious scenarios such as severe dryness, flaking, and irritation. Below are recommendations that you can apply in order to keep your skin healthy and glowing whatever the situation is.

  1. Small but sturdy skincare packaging- This gives extra protection to your items and gives you so much space in the storage. Avoid glass and scented containers to prevent breakage and contamination.

  2. Maintain a checklist - Being busy sometimes leads to forgetting important things. Having a reminder keeps you in the loop and will keep your skincare products intact throughout.

  3. Easy product application- Be sure to choose what suits you best when it comes to your skin type and needs. And always consider the efficacy and frequency of the product that you want to bring. Choose the one with quick steps to avoid being late. When it comes to the face, sheets and pads are perfect such as 24k gold under eye and forehead patches. Just put the patches, and then you’re done.

  4. Skincare Kits- This saves time and also you can keep your essentials to a separate set. A 1-grab kind of application, thus, saves your time.

  5. Products with SPF protection- It may be in the form of a body lotion, face cream, or mist. This is to ensure the safety of your skin from harmful UV rays and irritation.

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