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Same as food, you won’t surely eat without knowing what was on your plate, right? Let’s put that way in consuming your skincare too. Most of the time, you get to encounter unfamiliar terms that would confuse or indulge you into something which is not beneficial at all.

Many skincare promises around us are so enticing but you need to think of it as a guiding step to achieve the right routine for your skin but not a total quality results guarantee.

Matykos Beauty gathers these words that you might read before but doesn’t actually realize what it’s for.

  1. Non- comedogenic- Such a formula is designed not to clog your pores but it is not a guarantee that you will have no breakouts ever. But the good thing is that the composition and the ingredients of the said product are meant for protecting your skin from aggressive acne.

  2. Active Ingredients - Which also means able to biologically affect the skin. Normally, these are the top list ingredients components of the products that are listed on the packaging.

  3. Cruelty-free - This refers to products that are not involved in Animal Testing or do not involve experimentation on the animals.

  4. Clinical Trials - Experts conducted a research study for a particular product to prove its safety and efficacy with scientific protocols and standards.

  5. Consumer Trials - This depends on the response of a group of people/ consumers of the products and does not rely on scientific data and proof. Most of the brands do this before having a full launch of their product.

  6. No Paraben - These products are free of certain components/ chemicals/ ingredients that contain preservatives.

Matykos Beauty is committed to giving effective but most of all, safe skincare products for all that would suit every skin type, routine and lifestyle.

If you are interested in our products, make sure to check our store:

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