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Skincare Serving Size : ( ‘Coz size do matter)

We understand how excited you are to try a skincare routine or a particular product lately. But, before anything else, have you thought about the correct portion of the product which is allotted for each use? Proper knowledge leads to the right product and the correct serving size leads to quality and effective skincare ritual. It can be confusing but not complicated. Just give yourself a tiny reminder and you’re good to go.

To better understand the suggested size, Matykos Beauty compares such portions with our favorite…!

  1. Cleanser - A hazelnut. This is good enough especially when diluted with water. Applying too much cleanser ( expecting more efficacy ) can be harmful. Doing so washes away not only the dirt but also the skin’s natural oil and hydration. Don’t overdo cleansing as it will lead to excessive dryness.

  2. Face Mask- A strawberry. This applies to a clay/gel type such as Supreme Bubble Mask; Black Mud and Green Tea Masks. A small strawberry is perfect to cover up the whole face and provide exfoliation and moisture most safely.

  3. Moisturizer- 2 raisins. Apply it in an upward motion using your fingertips. Layering your skin with a lot of moisturizers will suffocate your skin. Thus, observe the right portion for a better result and healthier skin.

  4. Eye Cream - 1 pine per under eye- Doing so will keep your under eye area revitalized and replenishes the skin. Avoid overdoing this kind of treatment since it may result in skin irritation and breakout.

  5. Night cream - A blueberry - This relaxes your skin. Excessive usage will clog pores. Observe the right size to ensure quality results.

  6. Sunscreen - 1 grape per body part- This is necessary but again, do not ever overdo it. And don’t forget to focus on the area which is more exposed to sunlight.

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