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Skincare Routine ( To look Virtually Good!)

Online meetings, classes, and even get-togethers have been a new normal at this pandemic time. And putting oneself together is sometimes a challenging moment to fulfill while being virtually connected. Looking and feeling good are no exceptions. We sometimes think that we have all the right to have lazy skincare rituals just for the fact that we are just staying home.

Here are the simple tips to consider next time when you have an incoming virtual activity to look fresh and look good at your best.

Effective Quick Skincare

  1. 24k gold under eye and forehead patches- These are highly absorbable gelly pads that are packed with nutrients and vitamins. It nourishes your skin deep within and enhances collagen production to keep your skin healthy and soft. So, even if you don’t wear make-up or concealer, glowing eyes and a clear under-eye area leads the game.

  2. Supreme Glowing Lip kit -The perfect lip exfoliation and moisturization duo ever. These tandem are to the rescue especially when you hate to put on lipstick during an online activity but still want your lips to look fresh and pinkish. This goes well after a long period of time wearing a face mask too. Matykos Beauty Lip Kit has all the needed ingredients to have supple lips. It serves an all-day as well as all-night protection especially when things go out of hand and you forgot to drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Remember, dry lips are one of the common signs that you are being dehydrated.

  3. Black and Green Tea Mask / Bubble Mask- Especially during stressful online deadlines, these facial masks shield you from skin blemishes and breakouts. This is also your good starter pack in skin rejuvenation rituals. Easy to use and of course, doesn't take much of your time to get done. Of course, we are mindful of your work/ class deadlines, yeah?

As they say, when you feel good, it may not be one’s business but when you look and feel bad, it’ll be “our” business. Here in Matykos Beauty, we give importance to taking good care of your skin every day. And that should be anywhere, anytime and anyhow!

If you are interested in our products, make sure to check our store:

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