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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Frequency and correct sequence play a vital role when it comes to Skincare. It is important to be aware of what to use, when to use and how often you should apply a specific product. Our skin is gentle in nature so it is really necessary to treat it with care as much as you can.

There’s a thin line between excellent skincare and a product. Do you know what it is? We, in Matykos Beauty, recommend skincare steps to achieve that kind of glow and skin health that you deserve. To make it simpler, we jot down this product application order. Follow it closely and see for yourself the results.

  1. Make-up remover- Don’t be too lazy to remove it darling. We understand that you might have the longest and tiring day of your life but leaving your face with those cosmetics is one of the worst mistakes that you can do to your own skin. You can simply do this with lukewarm water, make-up remover liquid, or as plain as a wiping sheet.

  2. Scrub- We are not only talking about the face but also the whole body. Yes, take a regular time to shower and apply that scrub foam to take away the dirts, impurities, and toxins that accumulated all throughout the day,

  3. Cleanser- Do this every day but at a minimum. Applying cleanser sometimes leads to skin dryness.

  4. Serum - You can apply a face serum with a mist/essence. This is to reinvigorate the skin.

  5. Spot Treatment- Whether it’s a breakout or a tiny pimple, don’t forget to use a spot treatment for fast healing.

  6. Moisturizer - You can opt for a cream or a liquid-based moisturizer for skin protection.

  7. Face Oil - Though it might not be that too necessary, having face oil helps your skin to replenish your skin’s natural elasticity and texture.

  8. Sunscreen - Dermatologists suggest using sunscreen protection of at least SPF 30.

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