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Skincare Myths that are ruining your skin ( Ditch ‘em now!)

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

How knowledgeable are you when it comes to your skincare routine? You might be surprised knowing skincare ( simple and basics) that you have known for quite a while is not true and hence, not effective. Wrong skin care practices are linked to skin irritation and sometimes, worse conditions especially when your skin is exposed to strong and harmful chemicals/formulations.

It takes quite a strategy to debunk those skincare myths that are slowly running your skin without you knowing. Matykos Beauty prepared those things that you should stop doing now in your skincare ritual.

  1. Antibacterial soap is the best for skin cleansing - Especially in these challenging times, people misinterpret the need for antibacterial products such as cleansing soap or foam. As a matter of fact, it is not good for daily usage as it may lead to more antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the skin. Take note that skin normally has bacteria on it. Better opt for cleansers that are designed for women which are gentle on the skin.

  2. Eating chocolates/ oily foods can cause acne - There is no evidence that those kinds of foods can cause breakouts. It’s the sebum that causes acne which is excreted by the skin itself.

  3. Vitamin E will diminish scars- There are many real options to lighten up or improve your scar including laser treatments. Though Vitamin E contributes to healthy and glowing skin, there's not enough support that it can solve scar problems alone.

  4. Daily usage of lotion causes body hair - Lotion/ body moisturizers are designed to give you smooth skin. Genetics and hormonal factors are the key reasons for excessive hair production.

Matykos Beauty gives you skincare product choices that give realistic outcomes. Don’t rely on hearsays when it comes to your skin health. Read, be informed, and don’t be tired of scrutinizing which suits you best.

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