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Skincare Guides for Pregnant Women: Things to Skip and Remember!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Congratulations! This is the time in which emotions and hormones are playing by the rules. And thus, big changes are happening/ coming your way ( skin condition is not an exception! ) in this most anticipated moment of your life. However, this whole new chapter in you may also cause you discomfort and confusion on how to take care of your skin, what to apply and when to stop. In this blog, you will be guided on the right and safe skincare routine, gentle products, and the right frequency.

Your skin may react unexpectedly during pregnancy and that’s completely normal. Some are lucky enough to experience that idea of “pregnancy glow” while most women are having a hard time coping up with some flare-ups emotionally and physically.

Below are the pregnant-friendly skincare steps that you can apply together with your doctor’s approval.

  1. Extra sunscreen protection -Pigment-stimulating hormones that cause melasma is common during pregnancy. Wear sunscreen (SPF 50) UVB and UVA protection.

  2. Gentle Acne Treatment - With all the anxieties, increase in oil secretion and hormonal culprits, pimples and break-outs take a huge part in your skin problems. When it comes to soothing your face and treating spots, look to gentle AHA-based products and organic ones as much as possible such as Matykos Beauty Bubble Mask and Matykos Beauty Black and Green Masks Duo.

  3. Skin rashes and redness: Sensitivity is heightened during this wonderful journey which means that some of your favorite skincare products might not be as desirable as they are before and they don’t appeal to you anymore. In this case, always opt for hypoallergenic lotion/moisturizers that can help you with skin irritation and other related conditions.

  4. Dryness of Skin - Yes, you are prone to dry and flaky skin considering that all the hydration goes to your little one first. In this case, be sure to have a skincare food diet such as fruits and juices and of course, drink plenty of water. Revive and replenish your skin with unscented cream/ moisturizers/ hydration masks such as a Green Tea Bubble Mask.

Navigating the beauty minefield in the field of skin care during pregnancy is easier with Matykos Beauty. It’s extra important to use what suits and what’s safe for you and your baby.

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