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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We all have our ways to create our skincare routine in a way where we are most comfortable. However, you may not notice that the majority or some of your rituals are harming more than good. As they say, taking care of skin must be fun and not just a sort of compliance. Things might be out of control when you keep ignoring the red flags along with your skincare habits or let’s say skincare practices.

Matykos Beauty not only emphasizes the right product selection but also reminds you of what to avoid. When you are aware of those warnings, that’s the time you are indeed heading to the right choice.

The following are the things to look out for when taking care of your skin.

  1. Neglecting your skin type- Not all products suit you and that’s the damn truth. Take it easy, dear. Trying those trendy and fads beauty items does not assure quality results in return just because they are “famous”. So, Matykos Beauty gives importance to knowing your skin better. How can you do it? Well, there are many skincare-type quizzes available online that will guide you through, a dermatologist visit or simply doing a simple skin evaluation by yourself. In the end, it’s you who knows your skin personally.

  2. Incorrect product order- Always remember the basics! Such a cliche but proven work. Cleanse + Tone Exfoliate + Moisturize = Skincare.. A simple formula that works every time.

  3. Incorrect product frequency - In order to achieve the best result, add a little patience and time gap of product usage. When to apply and how long to let them stay in your skin are the key factors to have healthy skin.

  4. Wrong product combination ( ingredients & formulation ) - Read the label. You have all the right to know the product’s contents. Skin reactions and severe conditions are not a joke. Safety is more important.

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