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Skin Care during Menopause (Things to look out for and Remedies)

We face many changes as we age, especially when it comes to our skin due to hormonal factors and genetic reasons, our skin can become dry, thin, and lose its elasticity. However, these things though normal can cause many concerns. With the right products and care, you can slow down skin aging and even reverse it. Natural options are being top-notch when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and safe.

Here are the common changes during menopause and take some time to evaluate your skin as well.

  1. You get bruises easily - Wounds heal slowly. It’s not alarming but will lead to being extra careful in the coming days. Your skin is getting thinner and that’s completely normal. This also means that you will be more exposed to UV light. Aside from taking more precautions, keeping your skin hydrated and well-moisturized is the key to providing more protection particularly in the face area. Applying natural elements such as green tea bubble masks provides the right level of moisture at this point in time.

  2. Saggy jowls and wrinkles - Face massaging tools such as jade roller and gua sha will also help as it will improve local circulation and help in reviving the texture of your skin. Strawberry under-eye and forehead patches can also relieve baggy eyes and protect the skin from further sagging.

  3. Severe Dryness - As you grow older, the skin loses its ability to hold water/ moisture. Antibacterial soap can be too dry and leads to skin irritation. Moisturize every time you need to.

Self-examining your skin is the initial step to further review your skin needs. If such a condition persists, never ever hesitate to ask the experts in order to have the perfect guide in nurturing your skin.

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