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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

At Matykos Beauty, we’re all about focusing on fun and enjoyment towards doing skincare rituals. Bubble masks may just be a fad or trend for some, but when it comes to their amazing benefits, results showed that they work well! Though there are many ways to make your daily skin habits, not boring, getting that kind of excitement from the products itself is priceless.

So what is a bubble mask and how does it benefit the skin? It is commonly known as the hydrating mask that uses foaming agents and pressurized oxygen to form bubbles that help exfoliate the skin, unclog pesky pores, remove blackheads and excess oil. A green tea variant is added as an anti-aging agent to fight skin dullness and irritation. It's a kind of beauty treatment that you will surely enjoy without looking at the clock all the time! Furthermore, below are the amazing wonders that you could have!

1. It gives the kind of skincare entertainment you deserve.

2. Applicable for anytime / season of the year.

3. Anti-aging effects without worrying about adverse results afterward.

4. Provides a good balance of hydration and moisture whatever your skin type is.

5. It leaves your skin clean, soft, and healthy through the ultimate exfoliation and detoxification process.

The fun begins at about 5 minutes after applying the bubble mask. Cute and ticklish bubbles are starting to form that gives you the clean sensation and instant face glow. No time is ever wasted with this kind of skincare treat! It can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which will be the most useful to you but always remember, Skincare should be interesting so don’t let yourself get stressed out. It’s time to rethink and renew your product choice and never get left behind on what’s best for you.

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