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Proper Usage of Skincare tools with your favorite Skincare Product

All are perfectly set. Skincare items, check! Tools, yes! But are those the correct pair? The mix and match option is quite tricky when we talk about incorporating tools into your favorite skincare routine. The demand for using equipment in taking care of your skin seems to be increasing every year especially when it targets the weak spots of your skin and aims to make it healthy and strong.

Even though Jade Rollers and Gua Sha Set existed for centuries, many are quite skeptical about giving it a try. Jade, also known as a miracle / happy stone, stabilizes one’s personality and promotes self-efficiency. No wonder how it could provide a huge improvement by giving holistic care to your skin.

Here are some of the pairs you can apply to ensure quality results for your skin benefits.

  1. Clay Masks ( Black Mud and Green Tea Mask) + Jade Ridged Roller - Targeting detoxification and lymphatic drainage, this pair is a good match, especially at night. It relieves facial tension and relaxes the muscles to regain their elasticity and good local circulation.

  2. 24k Under Eye and Forehead Patches + Jade (Smooth) Roller - It revitalizes the tired muscles from a long tiring day. And it targets the weak spots of the face and saggy ones such as the under-eye area. It stimulates anti-aging effects and protects from cell damage.

  3. Green Tea Bubble Mask + Gua Sha Stone - Dropping jowls is one of the common skin aging. And scraping tools such as gua sha boosts blood flow and encourages muscle toning by the gentle pattern of facial massage.

It’s not too late to incorporate the right tools with your usual skincare product. Make it a good habit and get the benefits out of those amazing pairs above!

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