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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

If there are things to follow while applying cosmetics, then there must be some steps to do before applying makeup. If you’re new to it, Matykos Beauty Skincare tips can help you put together a simple yet effective regime. Well, it all begins with knowing the safety and basic skincare rules. As with most anything that we put on our face, skin type really matters. While you might get away skipping these pre-make-up steps, rest assured you will thank yourself for considering such a starter pack.

Skincare products are not enough. You need to have the right tools to make this routine worth trying. Don’t forget to eye for these things ( oily-sweaty skin or dry-dull skin). Even if you are expecting the good effects of the primer, don’t forget to have the prep products before the make-up thingy. There are many ways to take good care of your skin without spending too much of that foundation/base. Check the below steps and follow them closely.

For Oily-prone skin:

  1. Check the label as ingredients can make a huge difference. Choose the hydrating yet oil-controlling cleanser. Vegan cleansers work outstandingly

  2. Prefer a gentle exfoliator such as a bubble mask to maintain its moisture and help dissolve excess oils.

  3. Do a simple face massage to encourage good blood flow thus boosting collagen production as well.

  4. Maintain a safe oil sheet to diminish this sticky sweat in your face without harming your skin's natural oil.

  5. Rivagorate with face mist to keep it fresh all day.

For dry-skin

  1. Cleanse your face with gentle formulation (cream-based face cleansers will work best!).

  2. Select a good variety of clay masks such as black mud and green tea mask duo that maintains the right exfoliation level without harming your skin.

  3. Add moisture- Yes, you still need it. Apply a gentle face massage for proper absorption of product nutrients and composition with the help of a jade roller and gua sha stone set.

Matykos Beauty Skincare regime preps your face for a more defined yet skin-matched make-up without affecting your skin's natural tone and glow. Next time, don't forget those steps above before putting on make-up.

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