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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

May it be for a big day or a regular get-up, putting on make-up just boosts someone’s confidence to make it through the day. But mostly, taking care of the skin after application is often neglected by many. The same care must be done afterward. As a matter of fact, the post-make up routine plays a great role in how your skin would react to some cosmetic/ make-up application on your next special day. Preventing your skin from after make-up effects will maintain its natural glow and hydration.

So, how to do it properly and well? We are excited to share these helpful tips to keep your skin young and fresh after a stressful make-up treat.

  1. Start with a good cleanser- Never use a harsh soap when removing your make-up. High definition make-up has some penetrating granules that go to your pores and you don’t want to hide it there, do you? Most of the time, using unscented wipes will do the right trick though be sure that it won’t trigger skin conditions and irritation (if you have). Use a flannel (or soft cloth) in wiping it off to diminish all the skin impurities as well.

  2. Choose a chemical-free make-up remover- For some, they prefer an instant makeup remover which is also a good option especially when you want to save time. Just be sure to choose the one that is matching your skin type and opt for safe cotton for application.

  3. Tone safely - Choose the alcohol-free toner to avoid dryness and unnecessary skin oil to take place. This also provides your skin a good toning effect for any skin type.

  1. Right moisture- Apply clay masks such as black mud and green tea masks duo for complete revitalizing and rejuvenating effect in the gentlest way. It also protects your skin from specks of dirt and dust especially when you have used a sticky type of make-up. 24k gold under eye and forehead patches revive your tired eye area and smoothen your forehead lines thus bringing back the youthful glow of your skin.

  2. Especially when you use heavy-duty lipstick, taking care of your lips should be top of priority too. Supreme Glowing Lip Kit consists of a lip mask and a lip scrub that aims to exfoliate your lips and give the right level of moisture to keep them healthy and glowy.

  3. After make-up = relaxation time - Give your skin time to breathe and de-stress. You can simply do it by applying a light facial massage to encourage good blood flow and restoring your face elasticity. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Stone is the perfect tool to alleviate your face muscles and lighten up some tension.

Following the above religiously will make a big difference in your skin's state over time. Keep glowing safely.

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