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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Let’s admit it, we often neglect the importance of having a face massage and the wonderful benefits that it could bring. And sometimes, you are all caught up on which beauty products you should include in your little routine but have not considered evaluating the skincare tools that you need in the first place. By this, having the jade roller and gua sha stone kit helps you discover the face firming in a better way. With simple guides and easy techniques, skincare enjoyment and spa-like satisfaction are at hand.

Face massaging doesn’t only help in toning your skin but also improves blood circulation, puffiness reduction, and a perfect tool to des-tress. But, take note that one should learn the proper way of rolling to achieve a quality result. Below are quick yet effective patterns of using the jade roller and gua sha stone kit.

Jade Rollers:

1. Cover your clavicle area, using an up-and-down motion

2. Do a sweeping up roll on the neck portion.

3. For the jawline: Switch to a back-and-forth roll that starts at the center of your chin and goes toward your ear, repeating this up to your cheekbone.

4. For the forehead: Apply vertical repetition, starting from the middle of your face and moving outward toward the temples.

5. Flip the tool over to use the smaller attachment in the undereye area—in a horizontal motion toward your temple.

6. To end it, use the smaller roller once more down your nose horizontally.

Gua Sha Stone :

1. The concave side of the gua sha is for your forehead and neck; while the convex side is for the body.

2. The V-part is for the eyebrow, nose, and chin.

3. Apply an outward motion.

Matykos Beauty has non-squeaky jade rollers and gua sha kit, with a zinc alloy frame that will never rust. An extra ridged roller is also provided to increase local circulation and a carrying pouch for handy storage and on-the-go usage.

If you are interested in our products, make sure to check our store:

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