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Matykos Beauty Green Tea Face Stick Mask Benefits ( What to expect?)

Various masks can vary according to their ingredients, components and formulation. It requires a good knowledge in making your choice among the many skin care products nowadays. By now, you might have heard about the stick mask, but how it is beneficial to your skin? Would it suit all the skin types?

Let’s take a look at the newly launched Matykos Beauty Green Tea Mask and how it will open your door to more fun yet safe skincare regimen.

  • Safe and organic ingredients - Green tea and camellia leaf extract do not only act as cleansing agents but also provides antibacterial element. It cleanses and protects the skin, especially from irritation and infection/

  • Innovative design- Sleek yet handy, detailed but easy to carry. The practical packaging says it all. It will fit wherever you are. It is convenient to use and easy to apply. Hassle-free skincare regimen.

  • Supreme detoxification and moisturizing factor - A natural and efficient cleansing component, the green tea extract deeply detox, hydrate, and clears pores, thus revealing smooth and glowing skin.

  • Total Glam Effect - Get the most out of your daily skincare routine with this cleansing and refreshing stick mask that will help you gain luminous skin in no time.

If your skin is oily and you have struggled with skin oil balance, then you just found the perfect mask for you! Matykos Beauty Green Tea Stick Mask effectively cleanses skin pores, adjusts the skin's water and oil balance, replenishes moisture, and nourishes. As a result of using the stick mask, the skin will become clean, even, and matte!

If you are interested in our products, make sure to check our store:

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