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How to get rid of Chest Wrinkles? ( naturally)

Though it’s common, this kind of skin condition is often ignored. Chest wrinkles are also called cleavage rhytides, sleep creases, or decolletage wrinkles. It occurs on the upper chest between the abdomen and neck. These started as dynamic lines due to body movements and positions. Sleeping on your side is one of the most common culprits of this type of concern.

When it comes to skincare, all body parts matter. This does not include taking good attention to the chest wrinkles. Laser therapy, chemical peels, filler injections and medical-grade treatments are the easy-to-go solutions but don’t forget that there will always be a natural way to solve skin issues.

So, how to treat chest wrinkles gently?

  1. Change your sleeping position - Getting enough rest is very important to have healthy skin. And sleeping on your back does wonders in preventing wrinkles from accumulating in your chest area. The common cause of chest wrinkle is the loss of skin elasticity thus, having a good local circulation will help a lot.

  2. Skincare tool such as jade rollers - Incorporating a gentle massage in the chest portion stimulates and invigorates the tired muscle. It also improves collagen production and makes your skin relaxed, calm, and in a good tone.

  3. Exfoliate - Use a good scrub to take away the dry skin and dirt. This will also give room for the healthy cells to take in.

  4. Apply a hydrator / moisturizer- Green Tea Bubble Mask serves as a hydrating agent and at the same time as a moisturizing gel which gives you a smooth and soft finish right after application. Use this treatment 2-3 times a week.

  5. Use SPF - This is to protect the chest area from harmful UV rays and to seal your skin natural moisture and protect from dehydration.

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