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How long does Skincare take to Work?

Promising products with so-called instant glow effects are catching the attention of consumers nowadays. It might be misleading but we can’t deny the fact how sales pitch affects one’s decision when it comes to deciding a skincare product/ ritual that would work / suits best.

Consistent and long-term results are the main goal. When it’s working, you choose to stay with the product. But, there are things to consider in case you wonder how much time is needed in order to witness its efficacy. Yes, patience is indeed a virtue.

Before guessing or wondering the effects of your favorite items. Take a look at this list first.

  1. AHAs - ( 7 weeks) are a group of plant and animal-derived acids. This includes your daily anti-aging skincare such as serums, toners and creams as well as treatments that are associated with chemical peels.

  2. Green Tea - (2 - 6 weeks) An antioxidant ingredient to keep your skin healthy and combat aging. It also improves skin texture and keeps your skin firm. Green tea bubble masks are a great way to end your day and let your skin enjoy a home spa moment.

  3. BHAs - ( 2-12 weeks) - A great skin exfoliant that also tones your skin evenly and prevents pore-clogging.

  4. Caffeine - Few Hours - Protects you from free radicals and shields you from harmful UV radiation.

  5. Ceramides - Few Minutes - This will help your skin to have a constant glow especially that it is non-comedogenic and fits all skin types.

  6. Niacinamide - 8 Weeks - It helps in keeping the right balance of the oil in your skin and protects the outer surface.

  7. Vitamin C - ( 3 weeks) - It encourages new collagen to grow and protects the precious protein in your skin from damage.

There are no shortcuts. Rightful information is a vital key for an effective and safe skincare ritual. Take time to know the products you want and start to evaluate your wishlist.

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