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Gua Sha : Basics and Techniques

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Jadestone has been known as a wonderful gem for thousands of years in Chinese skincare. Such skin rollers are making a way in combating skin aging most naturally. However, along with these jade rollers, gua sha stones are mostly underrated when in fact it has the most significant role in achieving a quality face and safe facial massage.

If you haven’t tried this skincare tool before, this blog is perfect for you. Learn the Gua Sha’s basics and techniques and decide if it's good for you indeed.

How to use Gua Sha?

1. Along with your favorite face oil/serum, gently glide your Gua Sha in (face area) upward motion except in the neck portion. Down strokes must be applied in such areas in order to drain fluid. Gentle glide is preferable to prevent skin tension.

2. Take a short pause per gliding to reduce puffiness. And apply a firmer gliding to relax muscles. Be sure to include your jawline, chin, and around the mouth to improve local circulation.

3. For saggy and baggy areas especially in the under-eye, apply a slight flat press to the skin to overcome any tiredness and achieve a de-puff sensation.

4. For skin tension and wrinkles over the brow bone, glide your Gua Sha in horizontal motion and press upwards between the brows to relax the muscles.

Techniques for better Usage :

1. The concave side of the gua sha is for your forehead and neck; while the convex side is for the body.

2. The V-part is for the eyebrow, nose, and chin.

3. Apply an outward motion.

Step up your skincare routine with the right products and tools such as Gua Sha. Though some people may find it confusing or complicated to use, it is as simple as above. It can also be used for body and head massage. Take several steps ahead in your skincare ritual, use gua sha 2- 3 times a week, and see the difference.

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