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Face Stick Mask Features ( And How to Maximize its Benefits)

Are you tired of having a messy hand after a facial mask application? It’s quite a big work in cleaning it up, especially when you just want to lie in bed after a quick skincare routine. That’s why it’s not surprising that stick masks have a good impression because of their rolling feature, making each skincare routine cleaner and more convenient to do.

Quality Features that you'll love :

  1. Rotating Head- The rolling adaptation of the stick mask makes it user-friendly. No need for a brush or messing up with your hand. Just make sure your face is clean though to avoid dirt encounters while rolling.

  2. Small and Light - It is so handy and yet compact inside. It consists of the necessary elements and ingredients to ensure a topmost exfoliation result afterward.

  3. Travel- Friendly - Whether you’re on a business or a leisure trip, rest assured that you won’t miss doing your skincare routine.

  4. Perfect Present- Anyone will surely love a treat that will save their effort and time, thus making each skincare ritual fun and relaxing.

Extra tip :

  1. You can store the stick mask in a skincare / normal fridge. This is to ensure a cooling effect during application. This will also help in tightening your skin and closing your pores effectively.

  2. Spin out the paste just when needed. And don’t forget to put back the cover. This will help preserve the smoothness of the mask.

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