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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Skincare does not have to be complicated. It should be easy, fun and most especially safe. Having the right routine with a face mask is essential to your skin and prevents common skin problems ahead. Experimenting with such products has good and bad effects. That's why it’s important to know the right way to apply it. Right frequency and usage play a vital role in maximizing its benefits and advantages.

Follow these simple steps in applying a face mask such as Matykos Black Mud and Green Tea Mask duo:

1. Safety first. Know your mask, its ingredients, and its components.

2. Cleanse your face with lukewarm water. Keep in mind to have a clean face before applying a face mask for excellent absorption and penetration of essence.

3. Create a schedule of face masking routine to avoid under / overdoing it.

4. Know the appropriate quantity to avoid mask waste.

5. Wash off the mask gently.

6. End it with your favorite moisturizer/ morning cream/ night cream.

Additional Info :

1. Black Mud Mask - idea for morning application for energized and glowing skin. It contains volcanic soil and black tea for deep exfoliation and pimple prevention.

2. Green Tea Mud Mask - Suitable for a nighttime skincare routine for de-stressing and relaxation of the skin. Green tea and avocado extract provide your skin the utmost nourishment.

Excellent rejuvenating effects and anti-skin aging elements are necessary when it comes to choosing the perfect face mask. Matykos Black Mud and Green Tea Mask duo draws out bad skin oil and toxins thus leaving your skin feeling fresh, well-exfoliated and reaching the right hydration. Furthermore, it revitalizes your skin for a better complexion and ultimate glow. These innovative masks help in reducing wrinkles and prevent pimples due to their large vitamins and minerals formulation.

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