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Have you ever thought about what acne really says about your health? A long time ago, there’s an existing Science that involved Chinese and Ayurvedic principles that led to face mapping which will eventually tell you the connection between acne and underlying health conditions.

In these modern times, common hearsays about a pimple or breakout still linger on and make you think if it really is just a coincidence or not. An oily face due to chocolate consumption for example as well as jawline pimples which relates to the menstrual cycle.

Matykos Beauty gathers some common breakout spots and what could be the possible reason behind them.

Forehead Acne: This is commonly caused by oil and grease from hair products.

Underlying health issues: Irregular sleeping habits, digestive problems. Liver problem and stress.

Cheek Acne: Dirty pillowcases, cellphones, and make-up/foundation might be the culprit.

Underlying health issues: Indigestion, liver issues, stomach problem

Nose Acne: May be caused by alcohol consumption, overeating, and stress.

Underlying health issues: Poor circulation, bloating, constipation

Temples / Eyebrows: May be caused by excessive fat consumption and stress.

Underlying health issues: Gallbladder problem

Jawline: Excess of the hormone androgen in women.

Underlying health issues: PCOS

Kindly take note that the above are just guidelines and should not be your basis for any skin condition/diagnosis. And remember that our skin needs love and care the same as other organs of the body.

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