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Eyelash Care by Matykos Beauty : Do’s and Don’ts

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

“The eyes are the window to the soul.” It deserves the right care as well as the eyelashes. Beautiful lashes are a blink away especially when you got the correct and safe product that simply suits you best coz yes, lashes do matter. So, what are the good products for total wellness? And what are the things to remember to maintain its volume and health?

Do’s to consider:

  1. Cleanse your eyelashes and eyelids regularly with a mild foam. ( baby shampoo is the best choice since it's the gentlest option without tear formula and that will safely remove its dirt and other impurities.

  2. Choose quality make-up and that suits your skin type and existing skin condition if you have one.

  3. If you are opting for an eyelash extension: Again, choose the gentlest one. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. Matykos Beauty Organic Eyelash Growth Serum is designed and formulated organically to meet the standards of eyelash care. The serum is specially created to strengthen, magnify, prime, and lengthen your natural lashes and brows naturally.

  4. Always remove your make-up before going to bed. Dust accumulates in our eyelashes and that’s where the bacteria are mostly lurking which leads to irritation and some eye infection.

Don’ts to Consider:

  1. Frequent use of face wipes for cleaning the eyelashes. This kind of practice will expose your lashes and eyelids to some particles that may irritate your skin.

  2. Low-quality eye make-up and cosmetics. Don’t take the risk when it comes to your eyes. Choose the best quality product, if possible, the ones that are vegan and cruelty-free ones such as Matykos Beauty Organic Eyelash Growth Serum.

  3. Eyelashes products that offer instant results- Too good to be true offers and treats often lead to serious consequences in your eyelashes and eyelids. Don’t forget to consult and check honest reviews of your desired product.

Matykos Beauty Organic Eyelash Growth Serum formula has been proven to help boost thickness and length of eyelashes with only 2-4 weeks of daily use. Over six weeks of everyday use saw a 65% increase in natural eyelashes and eyebrows without suffering a painful eyelash treatment.

If you are interested in our products, make sure to check our store:

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