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Vitamin-Packed Skincare for Maskne

Maskne or Mask Acne refers to acne, irritations, or breakouts which are caused by wearing a mask. Symptoms may vary depending on your skin reaction and of course with your immune system. And by this, having the right shield is very important especially in these challenging times.

Aside from skincare products to choose from, we need to keep in mind the importance of having the right foods and skincare vitamins too. Today, we simplified these vitamins list as your ultimate guide in keeping your skin healthy and glowing amidst the pandemic stress.

Check the below list and re-evaluate your skincare routine if needed.

  1. Vitamin A - The most common skincare vitamin. It slows down the sign of skin aging which contributes to overall skin health. It keeps your skin soft and smooth and well- moisturized. It also increases cell turnover and keeps your immunity strong and active.

  2. Vitamin B - Same as Vitamin A, this kind of vitamin protects the cells and possesses antioxidants and helps in healthy cell production. And mostly, it ensures your cells function properly.

  3. Vitamin C - Or also known as ascorbic acid. The most favorite vitamins in this pandemic time. It is an essential nutrient to repair tissues and keep our immune system superb. It protects cells and keeps them healthy. It aids collagen synthesis that prevents acne.

  4. Vitamin E - It fights acne-causing bacteria and supports the healing of wounds and Studies found scar reductions in its presence.

  5. Vitamin K - It aids healing from wounds and acne marks. `it also helps in reducing the wrinkle depth in your skin and keeps the local circulation healthy especially in the under-eye area.

Good news! Supreme 24k gold patches, complete glowing lip kit, bubble mask, and black and green masks duo consists of organic and vitamin-packed ingredients and essentials. It is formulated to give you the most qualified and safe results.

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