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Cheap Skincare Routine for Teens ( From Aged 15 -19)

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Choosing the right skincare stuff for teenagers might be tricky most of the time. Usually, this is the stage when our young ladies are confused about which one suits them best and sometimes peer pressure adds it all. Well, they opted for affordable skincare but they tend to forget the crucial part: efficacy and safety. It takes good information to land on cheap yet effective and safe skincare items. In this blog, you’ll learn the right choices without risking your skin in the long run.

So, to get started, we’ve listed the basics below.

  1. For face cleansing- Choose a hypoallergenic cleansing foam or liquid 2x day as a minimum frequency. Teenager’s skin is prone to become oily type one due to hormonal changes. Cleansing will not only purify your skin but also solves common irritation problems.

  2. For body wash- This is one of the most priority teen products. It cleanses, moisturizes and protects you from body odor, body acne ( especially at your back). However, hyped fragrance body wash is not applicable for all. It is one of the common causes of skin irritation and severe dryness that leads to some infection.

  3. For toning- This applies to an oily type of skin ( but the application should be made on the specific oily portion only). This is to avoid dryness and flakiness afterward. If you have a dry type of skin, toning can be skipped out then.

  4. For moisturizing - This is perfect when you have dry skin especially for those teens who have daily physical activities like a swim or a jog. It maintains the right hydration that your skin needs but if your goal is clear skin and oil control you can skip this out as well.

  5. For exfoliating- This is vital in removing dead skin and rejuvenating skin. This also cleans the dirt in your pores and unclogs it. But take into consideration that this is not for everyone especially when your skin happens to be a sensitive one. Matykos Beauty Black Mud Mask and Green Tea Mask Duo are perfect to clear out excessive skin oil and protect your skin from a break-out.

  6. For Lip Care - This is often disregarded as we’ve always mentioned in our prior blogs. But the lip has delicate skin that needs as much attention as the rest. Lips can dry out quickly as well due to many factors such as weather. Choose a lip product that gives you the right level of moisture as well as excellent sun protection such as Matykos Beauty Glowing Lip Kit.

For Under Eye Care- As we all know, teens love engaging with online activity/ entertainment which causes unrested eyes. Saggy and baggy eyes are common during teenage years which Matykos Beauty 24k Under Eye and Forehead Patches are designed for. As much as possible, select the one that consists of organic ingredients when you choose an under-eye product for your delicate skin.

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