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After-Shave Skincare for Men

What should you put on your face after shaving is one of the most common concerns of men which is often neglected? As they say, after-shave is the beginning of men's skincare packs. Of course, you want a comfy face (entirely and not just a portion of it). There are many things to consider when it comes to men's skincare rituals. There’s the frequency, lifestyle, and of course the skin type.

Treating razor-burn and breakouts need not be complicated. Here are the quick tips to consider especially when you have sensitive skin.

  1. Avoid multi-bladed razors- friction from multiple blades causes skin irritation, red bumps, and allergies. Choose the gentlest one as possible to avoid such mishaps.

  2. Choose a gentle cleanser- Double cleansing method is advisable for men. This is to avoid too much oil to take in which leads to clogging pores.

  3. Tone the areas- If you have acne-prone skin, then toning is perfect for you. It clears out pores. It removes oil and grease in the skin, especially after activity.

  4. Moisturize- Applying a moisturizer locks in the essential nutrients and oils of your skincare product.

Many men forgot that a lot of shaving causes too much dryness on the skin. Without proper hygiene ( regular cleaning and disinfecting of razors), bacteria can accumulate in. Patience and consistency is the key to achieving healthy and glowing skin. And with Matykos Beauty, every step is a quality routine for holistic skincare.

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