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Progression, not perfection. This is a good reminder when all that we want is safe and effective products to make our skin healthy and glowing. With the right routine and clean skin lifestyle, skincare goals are achievable. Ingredients-wise, it takes the right knowledge and proper understanding of what a safe product really means. Of course, along with your own process, Matykos Beauty is here to guide you all throughout on deciding what suits you best and what you should ditch.

To begin your quest in finding the skincare treat, we list down the top risky ingredients.

  1. Paraben - This disrupts hormone functions such as oestrogens ( female sex hormones) and triggers breast cells division and growth of tumors. Paraben exposure may result in long-term skin problems such as dermatitis and may cause the skin to age faster.

  2. Artificial Fragrance: These are synthetic chemicals that are commonly derived from petrochemicals which are petroleum-based and are harmful to human health. It may affect central nervous system activity and be linked to serious allergic reactions.

  3. Triclosan - Antibacterial compound found in most facial cleansers, acne washes nowadays. This ingredient is linked to serious allergies, contact dermatitis, and skin irritation.

The more you know, the more you can protect your skin. Your skin might be consuming all those 3 toxic ingredients while enjoying a home spa treatment. It doesn’t mean to completely switch to a particular routine, but slowly, you’ll be amazed how things will improve by choosing a healthy and clean skincare practice such as Matykos Beauty skincare line. Choosing what’s best for your health and skin must always go together.

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